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Why Christmas?

I love Christmas decorating and want to share my passion to inspire others. From traditional, to modern, to vintage, to glam...I'm here for all of it!

some things I hope you'll gain from following me:

  • New themes and different colour schemes
  • How to re-use the same decor to create a new look
  • Creative DIYs
  • Tips, tricks & hacks
  • Shopping finds
  • Inspiration to take your decor to the next level

a few of my favourite christmas themes...

Warm color palette with beige, nude tones, amber & a touch of crystal and drenged in icicles and flocked snow tips

Varying shades of greyish blues from mid-toned French blue to light Wedgwood blue paired with light gold and a touch of ivory

white & Gold

Elegant & timeless. White, ivory & cream paired with gold & lots of clear glass on a green tree covered in flocked picks.

“Don’t you love Christmas? Anything goes wrong in the world, Christmas makes it go away. Decorations, carols, tree.”

– David E. Kelley

beyond the tree

Integrating the entire space

Adding touches of Christmas throughout the home is what makes for a really magical experience. Generally staying consistant with the same theme is the way to go.

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